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Check out what my clients have to say about their own journeys

"Liz, I am truly grateful for your understanding and help to enable me to step outside of a situation that has happened in the past. I feel empowered and ready to get on with life and move forward.

Anyone who meets you as a Counsellor is very lucky. 

Thank you for being there for me."

- B.B. 

"I could not have got through the past months without your support and kindness. You have helped me see the light in darker days. Thank you Liz, for everything."

- C.C.

"After years of struggle and finally getting a diagnosis it allowed me to began with the right treatment I needed and that really changed my life and how I now see the world. During my really difficult times, the sessions were something that kept me going. Without my weekly sessions with Liz I would not be here. They saved me when I felt like I had been let down by everyone else around me. "

- C.G.

"I felt supported and safe throughout the entire process. Thanks Liz."

- F.T.

"Having never had Counselling before, I really did not know what to expect and was a bit apprehensive. From the first session I knew I felt safe with Liz and supported. Turns out, 40 odd sessions down the line that I have quite enjoyed our time together (despite going through a very difficult period). Thank you for helping me find my way."

- M.G. 

"Thank you Liz for all of your help and support during a difficult time, brilliant service"

- J.C.

Reviews from my time with WIRED, AGEUK & EAP

"Relaxing, no pressure Counselling service."

- L.H. 

"Thoroughly enjoyed our time together - thanks for everything."

- F.Y. 

"What an amazing service!"

- E.H.

- G.H.

Private Practice Reviews

"Nice to have someone to listen."

- D.C.

"Five star service."

- J.S.

"A good, helpful chat."

- L.B.

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